Managing Your Best Resources: Mining For Great Store Employees


Presented by Peter Dods, Easy Music Center

Peter Dods, owner of Easy Music Center, shares how your store can hire better, more qualified employees.  Borrowing on a great piece of advice, Peter says when you sit down and talk to your employees, talk about the systems – and the systems will reveal the people.  How does business get done, where’s the documentation, what’s the protocol, what’s working, what are your employees accountable for, what do they need to do, how are they going to be trained.  Hire people who work well within your system; that brings the best out in every body. People don’t fail – systems fail. If you hire people off the cuff, you may be doing your store a disservice. Having a thorough interview process is one key to hiring people who will add to the strength of your business. Peter Dods walks you through a simple and effective hiring protocol that will land you the right employees for your store. And, your staff will be motivated, energized and ready to help make your store the best in your area!