The End of 'Business as Usual'—How to Rewire for Success


Social media. Smartphones. Tablets. Internet access everywhere, all the time. There's a point when technology shifts from being a trend to becoming a disruption in daily business. Yet another point comes when consumer behavior starts to shift, and we're presented with an important decision: Either we embrace this change or we don't. Our choice will ultimately impact the bottom line, one way or the other. The challenge now is how to reach a new generation of customers who don’t rely on TV, radio, newspapers or magazines to find you.

Your customers are taking to social networks, YouTube, Google and mobile apps on their smart devices to find solutions and service providers that meet their needs and expectations. Believe it or not, this is your time. On top of that, not every customer is looking for the lowest prices available. Study after study shows that your customers are willing to pay a premium for great experiences and personal service—but they need to be able to find you first.

Brian Solis is a renowned technology analyst, author, and futurist. He studies the evolution of technology and its impact on customer behavior and helps businesses of all types and sizes not just react but lead new customer experiences using the same technology. In this Breakfast Session, Brian explores:

• Who these "new" customers are and how they think.
• How they use technology to research products.
• How they make decisions.
• How you can earn their attention and ultimately their trust.
• How to build relationships that convert them into advocates in new technology channels.
• How to use social and mobile media to engage new customers before, during and after transactions.

Get ready to rewire and reach your customers.