Creative Merchandising: Make the Most of What You Have!


Jen Tabor of Souldier Guitar Straps, USA, presents ways to give your retail store a facelift and turn your employees into assets. Unlock the hidden potential in your store with simple ideas and easy tips at little to no expense, including:  creating specialists (i.e., young people who are being underutilized in the store and who need to have a further specialty); encouraging your staff - you don’t have to go it alone! - creating buy-in and ownership; if you build it they will come – e.g., stages are great; living the dream - you're here to make people’s lives better (every time a customer comes into your store); and giving your employees the tools and resources to feel like they're more a part of their store! If you've been doing business as usual, then it's probably time for a change.  Join Jen Tabor as she leads you through an idea-packed session that will provide you with creative ways to give your shop a natural, exciting makeover. Topics include maximizing the potential of the “youth” in your store and how to get the most bang for your buck by updating your merchandising techniques to increase your cash flow.