How Do You Stay on Top of the Latest Technology Trends?

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The opportunity to better understand technology can help grow your business. You can build your Web presence, step-by-step, with some tips from our industry experts, Bobby Boyles, Jen Lowe and Kurt Witt.

“In our society today, the people who know about new technology first are the young people, the kids. My wife, Sandra, and I have three teenage boys who are all over Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, StumbleUpon and other cutting-edge sites, and they are constantly providing us with ideas and insights on how to promote our current products, as well as telling us about new products. I would recommend that any retailer start asking the young people around them: What have you found that is cool on the Web lately or what is your favorite site and how does it work? Since the vast majority of technology marketing is to 12-to-25-year-old people these days, they are a great resource.”
-Bobby Boyles, Oklahoma Vintage Guitar
“Staying current in the world of technology can be a little overwhelming. There are new avenues and channels popping up all the time. Honing in on the ones that can help my business is the key. For me, finding the Web-based social networking sites that will work to increase my business is important. I ask teens and college students where they are surfing on the ‘Net. This is a great demographic to target—they are always on the hunt for the next ‘best thing.’ More important, don’t be afraid to dive in and explore these new technology venues for yourself.”
-Jen Lowe, BoomBoom Percussion
"I am constantly watching and reading. I watch what other companies that I respect are doing. I read a number of blogs and newsletters written by people that challenge contemporary thinking on marketing and technology. Seth Godin is one of my favorite writers. He just makes it so simple and direct. He really ‘gets it’ when it comes to the integration of marketing and technology. His latest book, Tribes, is a great read and it contains a rich list of references to many technology platforms that didn’t exist five years ago. Technology is just a tool to help you realize your marketing strategy. Never lose sight of this point.”
-Kurt Witt, Yamaha Corporation of America