Music Retail’s Top Instagram and Facebook Promotions of 2017

At the 2017 NAMM Show, Cris Behrens, general manager of Summerhays Music, revealed his favorite social media campaigns from fellow music retailers. Watch the full video to view the winning Instagram and Facebook promotions and to hear several audience members share their own successful promo ideas. Behrens chose promotions that highlighted different approaches—from product focus, sales, humor and music advocacy to customer reviews, articles and store brags. According to Behrens, no idea is too big or too small to be effective on social media.

Springfield Music, Customer Gift Card (Instagram and Facebook)
A customer at Springfield Music is asked if he or she would like a free gift card. Employees take a photo of the customer with the purchase and store logo in the background. They ask the customer to repost and share with friends and family. On Facebook, when friends like the picture, they’re invited to like the store page, which helps Springfield organically grow its Facebook likes at a very low cost. Springfield Music’s Donovan Bankhead was in the audience to explain the promotion. “It’s fun to show our customers buying our products,” he said, adding, “It’s also a nice opportunity to give our customer a gift for supporting our business. It’s an easy promotion, has been very successful and takes just a minute.”

Behrens remarked that this is a great example of customer service and shows that you care about customers after the sale.

Matt’s Music, Black Friday Sale (Instagram)
This post was focused on effects pedals, as opposed to all discounted products in the store. Behrens picked this promotion because it has 13 different hashtags. “Any time you can put as many hashtags in your post, the better it is,” he said. The hashtags cast a wide net across Instagram and show manufacturers that you’re supporting their products—in hopes they’ll support you back. Behrens explained that the hashtag can also boost your search engine optimization.

Lowe Vintage, Customer Video (Instagram)
Behrens showed a short video post of a young kid skillfully playing guitar at Lowe’s Vintage. The video worked because Lowe’s Vintage spotlighted a product, while showing more product in the background to entice potential customers. Video can increase the odds of customers buying since they can picture themselves playing.

A & G Central Music, Why I Play (Facebook)
A & G Central Music features real quotes from customers, with graphics on a black background and the signature tags #whyiplay and Notes From the Band Room, A & G Central Music. A & G’s not going for the hard sale—it’s promoting music advocacy. It rotates the posts once or twice a month.

C. A. House Music, Employee Spotlight (Facebook)
This regular Facebook post features an employee photographed with an instrument from the store with other products in the background. It includes a bio and nickname or caption (what that employee is known for). This promotion generated a lot of likes. Behrens commented that this type of post lets you get more reviews, plus your employee is recognized as a salesperson, feels good about his or her work, and wants to continue to do a great job.

Summerhays Music, 80th Store Anniversary Special, Finding Pokémon (Facebook)
Capitalizing on the Pokémon Go trend, Summerhays Music held a contest. Anyone visiting Summerhays could take a screenshot of a Pokémon in the store, show it to a salesperson and get a discount. According to Behrens, the best part of the promotion was the comments because everyone kept plugging the contest. He encouraged retailers to jump on whatever bandwagon is hot, such as the Oscars or Groundhog Day. It doesn’t matter if it’s silly. Get creative with it, and post on all forms of social media to extend your reach.

Front Page Music, Humorous Post (Facebook)
Behrens counseled retailers to use humor from time to time in posts. Consumers are more likely to get engaged and buy products when you’ve entertained them—they’ll remember your brand. One of Front Page Music’s posts pictured a kid dressed as a businessman with the headline, “I ran the numbers, Dad. We can afford a guitar.” It garnered more than 5,000 likes and 1,000 shares.

Spicer’s Music, Santa Wish List (Instagram)
This post, “All I want for Christmas,” invited customers to stop by the store to fill out a Spicer’s Music Wish List. Customers then let their friends and family know about the wish list in the hopes that they’ll buy something on the list. Behrens emphasized the importance of trying new things. It doesn’t matter how big or small the promotion is because you don’t know what might come of it.

Amro Music, Customer Reviews (Facebook)
Nick Averwater of Amro Music shared that he borrowed an idea from a local Mercedes dealership: post real five-star customer ratings. Customers’ comments are included, and they frequently mention particular Amro employees. Averwater remarked that the promotion encourages customers to leave more reviews because they want to be featured. Averwater aims to do it once or twice a month.

Family Piano, Teacher Video (Facebook)
This successful post featured a music teacher playing the ukulele and invited people to learn songs at Family Piano’s Holiday Ukulele Event. (Ukuleles were provided.) “If you’re fortunate enough to have music teachers and lesson rooms or studios in your store, feature them,” Behrens said. Family Piano posts teacher videos regularly. It shows that they’re proud of having music lessons and invested in them. These videos get attention and usually garner a lot of likes and views.

“The great part about social media is that you never know what will hit,” Behres said. “Post often and a lot.”