Save Money on Shipping With Our New Endorsed Service Provider: Lojistic

Lojistic Endorsed Service Provider

Music industry retailers and manufacturers have been overcharged by parcel and freight carriers for way too long. The reality is, carrier pricing is complex and confusing. That’s all by design.

That’s why we’ve formed a strategic partnership with Lojistic, so all NAMM members can save on shipping. Lojistic’s free cost savings automation and analytics platform helps businesses reduce shipping expenses.

If you ship stuff, Lojistic instantly identifies and quantifies how much you could save, then takes the corrective actions. Lojistic simplifies your dense, complex shipping invoice and transit data into actionable insights. Thousands of businesses have used Lojistic to save hundreds of millions of dollars in shipping expenses.

Lojistic will also get your money back when your carrier makes a billing error, or when there’s a service failure. Lojistic is offering an exclusive offer to NAMM members: You keep 100% of the money Lojistic secures for the first year. There’s no strings attached. Just money back in your pocket.

Those shipping cost savings can go a long way. Instead of paying for carrier mistakes, you can use that "found money" to pay your NAMM membership fees, trade show costs and much, much more!

Get started today.