Disclaimer of Legal Liability

The materials and information provided in connection with NAMM U, including but not limited to materials and information provided in sessions at NAMM Shows, NAMM U Breakfast Sessions, the NAMM Idea Center, Retail Boot Camp, Retail Training Summit, Retail Innovation Summit and NAMM U Online (collectively, the “University”), are provided by the National Association of Music Merchants (“NAMM”) for informational purposes only to highlight best practices and ideas in the music industry, and are intended to be used as a tool to help music industry professionals run successful businesses. NAMM has taken reasonable efforts to ensure that all materials and information included in the University are accurate and consistent with standards of good practice in the general music industry. As new risks and issues emerge, however, best practices and recommendations may change. For this reason, it is recommended that music industry professionals evaluate the applicability of the University in light of particular situations and changing standards. The participation in the University and review of University materials and information is not a substitute for obtaining advice from professionals. If legal or other professional advice is required, it is recommended that music industry professionals obtain advice from qualified legal or other professionals.

The information presented in the University is provided “as is” without representation or warranty of any kind. In no event shall NAMM, or its directors, officers, or employees, be held liable for any losses, injury, damages, or any other consequences resulting from, or arising in connection with, the participation in or use or reliance on the University, or any information or materials contained therein.