Breakfast of Champions (The 2018 NAMM Show): Marty Szpiro, Jam Industries

Jam Industries has grown tremendously during the past decade, acquiring and forming partnerships with such major distributors as KMC Music, Davitt & Hanser, U.S. Music Corp. and American Music & Sound. During “Breakfast of Champions” at The 2018 NAMM Show, Jam President and CEO Marty Szpiro discussed lessons learned during this growth period with NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond. (Watch the video to see the full interview.)

Jam Industries created a model where it acts as a service partner to its divisions, such as American Music & Sound. To make this work, Jam attracts the right people, gives them their own P&L statements and empowers them to make good decisions, according to Szpiro. The key challenge? Managing operations and the different company cultures as business grows.

“People are key,” said Szpiro, referencing the secret to making this all work. “A lot of opportunities came up without the right people. We didn’t take them. I would sooner get the right person without the brand. It’s key.”