Success Tips From the Top (2016 Summer NAMM)

David Kalt, founder of the online buying and selling platform, stopped by the “NAMM Retail Summit” at 2016 Summer NAMM. There, he shared what he sees the most successful sellers doing differently. He spoke with NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond. (Kalt also owns music retailer Chicago Music Exchange.)

Here are some of Kalt’s success tips for (Watch the video to see the full segment.)

“You have to tell your own story. You have to figure out how to be true and authentic to whatever you’re doing in your physical store. You have to figure out how to do that online, whether it’s through Reverb, your own website, even through Amazon and other channels. You can still have a personality.”

“[Successful sellers are] understanding the relationship aspect of our business. So, for instance, when someone comes into your store and how you greet them, how you follow up with them, how you answer their questions—that same etiquette needs to be managed online. Reverb is a platform that really encourages negotiation but also conversation, messaging.”

“When I look at the most successful Reverb sellers, they’re actually messaging with the buyers. They’re answering questions. They’re being very graceful. They’re respectful that these are online people and that they want speed and a timely response. They want to understand return policies. They want to really understand the instrument because maybe they don’t have a great store in their local area.”