The State of Online Retail (2016 Summer NAMM)

“Three years ago, I was talking right here on this stage about the prospect of one-day delivery,” said Joe Lamond, NAMM President and CEO. “Now, we’re talking one-hour delivery—right to your doorstep.”

Lamond kicked off the “NAMM Retail Summit” at 2016 Summer NAMM with this example, underscoring the speed of change in online retail. Held the morning of June 23, this NAMM U Breakfast Session explored how successful music retailers have made the internet their own.

Lamond stressed that large retailers aren’t the only ones innovating; independent music retailers are also raising the bar online.

“While the retail giants are grabbing all the Wall Street headlines, there are many, many NAMM dealers, NAMM retailers of all kinds, who are innovating within our very own industry,” he said. “People that are raising the bar, finding big opportunities online to serve our unique and highly specialized customer base.

“They’ve discovered how to give their customers a great experience, online and in the store. And I’m not just talking about chains. I’m talking about independents, mom and pop, brick and mortar—lots of retailers out there that are leading the charge in a multi-channel world. They have different models, they have different strategies, but they are making the internet their own.”

He then interviewed four innovative music retailers about their online successes. See the interviews here.

Adam Levin, Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center

Brian Douglas, Cream City Music

Mark Goff, Paige’s Music

David Kalt, and Chicago Music Exchange