The Sale After the Sale


It is important to let your customers know that you are as concerned about them after the sale as you were before the sale.  Assure them that you really do care about them since they have already given you their money and that you will still be there to provide service and support.

Contact After the Sale
Establish a means of keeping in contact with both your regular and high-dollar customers.  We recommend a postcard system or e-mail contact list.  Being first in the customer's mind allows the customer remember you when they're ready to make the next purchase.

In addition, establishing a contact list of customers will help you remember their faces and names, which will be very helpful during their next visit.  Remembering customers' names should be a top priority for you because it helps to build a sense of trust and loyalty with customers.  And this skill sets you apart from your competitors.

Customers for Life
Your mission should be generating a client list that accounts for the majority of your sales.  The Participative Selling method focuses on the long-term aspects of the relationship between you and your customers.  By establishing customers for life, you will be successful in sales and may help change the lives of others.