Seek Referrals


People buy from people who meet their expectations.  People refer others to those who exceed their expectations and are trusted individuals.  Treat your customers very, very well.  Serving them at the highest level possible will position you to comfortably ask for their help when you seek referrals.

The Value of a Happy Customer
The value of a happy customer is not the one sale that occurs in a day, but the many purchases that person will make over a lifetime and the word-of-mouth that a happy customer can provide to improve your performance in sales.  Never underestimate the Happy Customer.

New Business Opportunities
Your greatest opportunity for new business will come from satisfied customers who are raving fans!  You must ask your customers to bring their friends into your store.  Get their commitment to do so, and then watch for those customers as they come in to make sure that your referral is secured.

Example of Asking for a Referral
After completing the sale, and the customer has been thanked and is happy, ask, “Would you do me a favor?  If I give you a few extra business cards, would you please give them to your friends and ask them to come in and see me?"  (If you don't have business cards, just tell the customer your schedule and invite that person to send a few friends to your store to see you.)  When you ask a happy customer to help you in this way, that person feels an obligation to help you and tends to remember to do so.