Suggest Product


Suggesting product is the process of you presenting the possible solutions for your customer to make a buying decision. The proper interaction here can greatly facilitate the buying process.

Asking Permission
As part of the Participative approach, you need to ask for permission to show a product that will meet the customer’s needs. This appeals to the customer's sense of being respected and establishes that they are giving you permission to provide options for them.

Affirming the Needs
The easiest way for the customer to know that you have listened to and understand them, is your ability to repeat that information to them during the presentation process.  Pay close attention to the video example to see the proper way to present solutions to customer needs while you are presenting the product.  Keep in mind that people are making a buying decision based on what the product will do for them—not just the product alone.

Meeting the Budget
It is crucial to have a specific idea about the customer's budget before presenting products.  Many sales are lost due to the salesperson's failure to get this budget information before suggesting product solutions.  Watch closely the video example in the Qualifying Needs chapter so that when you present to the customer, you meet the budget need.  This will increase your odds of helping the customer make a buying decision!

Asking for Feedback
Participative selling includes obtaining feedback on a regular basis throughout the sales process.  This insures that the customer is fully involved.  Questions must be asked as a way of including the customer completely in decision making; they also serve as the basis for correctly determining the customer's needs.  Furthermore, the information derived from the questions helps suggest an effective presentation in the solution-based sales process.