Telephone Tactics


The goal of using the phone should be to build relationships with your customers in order to bring them into your store.  One of the top two ways that customers assess the value of your company's service is determined by their interaction with you on the phone.  Learning proper telephone techniques can truly set you apart from the competition and increase your customer retention and sales. 

Answering the Phone
The telephone should be answered in the following way: “Thank you for calling (your store name), this is (your name).”  This allows you to show appreciation to your caller and let them know who they are speaking with.  Smile when you answer the phone—this simple act will make your voice sound warmer, more excited and more energetic.

Putting Callers on Hold
Always ask permission before putting callers on hold.  Keep in mind this basic idea: waiting on hold is a negative state that seems twice as long to your callers than it does to you.

Remember the Three “P's"
During the phone conversation you can choose to speak about Products, Prices or People—and the People game is the winning game.  Get the caller's name, find out who they are and what they are trying to do.  Ask if they've ever been to your store.  Take time to learn about the person, and you will set yourself apart.  Take time to talk about product and price, and you will have a short conversation that's less fruitful for both of you.  Remember, it’s all about PEOPLE.