Drum Workshop Donates "Timeless Timber" Drum Set to Museum of Making Music; Supports Museum's Annual Series

Carlsbad, Calif.

The Museum of Making Music recently welcomed a new drum set to its galleries, one of many contributions made by Drum Workshop, Inc. in honor of the museum’s inaugural annual series, Drum Roll…Please: A Hands-On History of the Drum.

The limited-edition drum set, constructed with “Timeless Timber” lumber, boasts near-perfect acoustic properties due to its creation process. This lumber grew in the Great Lakes area for several hundred years before being harvested in the late 1800s. While on its way to local sawmills, the wood became water-logged and sank to the bottom of Lake Superior, where it was perfectly preserved. Superior Water-Logged Lumber, Inc. recently recovered the wood and processed it into “Timeless Timber,” an ideal material for manufacturing musical instruments with exceptional visual beauty and sound quality.

As the principal sponsor of the series, Drum Workshop also helped draw crowds to museum events by providing several high-profile drummers at no charge to the museum. Such artists included *NSYNC band member Billy Ashbaugh, as well as independent drum artists Zoro and Ed Roscetti. Drum Workshop also loaned drum equipment to the museum for the exhibit and facilitated two free drumming clinics.

According to Drum Workshop’s Director of Marketing, David Levine, the drum manufacturer saw it as a great opportunity to benefit the entire industry.

“Any opportunity we have to promote music making is an opportunity that should not be missed,” he said. “We feel it’s important to give back and encourage growth. When we agreed to contribute to the Annual Series, we had no idea how big it was going to be—we got a lot more out of it than we put in,” Levine said.

However, the museum credits Drum Workshop’s assistance for making the event such a success.

“Without Drum Workshop, this series wouldn’t have happened,” said Carolyn Grant, executive director, Museum of Making Music. “Drum Workshop was there to support us for the opening of the series, and they lent their support throughout the entire event.”

For more information about the museum’s annual series program or the donation of instruments, interested parties can call 877.551.9976.

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