Container Barcodes

Open your template file and go to the sheet/tab labeled 'ContainerBarcodes'. You will need to enter the following information for each product:

Excel Column Description Required Example
SupplierItemId Supplier product identifier X EXL110
ContainerType Container type X Case
ID Container numeric barcode X '019954141271
Type Container barcode type X GTIN-12

Special Notes:

  • Prefix all ID's with ' (single quote) to avoid Excel's automatic conversion to scientific notation as well as dropping leading zero. A single quote is removed during the conversion process.
  • Common types of barcodes:
    UPC (GTIN-12) code is 12 characters long. Valid for USA and Canada.
    EAN (GTIN-13) code is 13 character long. Valid in Europe, Asia, Australia, USA, Canada.