Live Sound 2.0 in the Time of COVID-19

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Someday, we’ll all be going to concerts again with thousands of fans, and sharing the universal experience of live music. And with today’s COVID-19 precautions, new protocols for social distancing, cleaning and travel are required. The impact of these precautions will be felt throughout all segments of live sound, from concert reinforcement to houses of worship and live sports production. For older artists, their managers, bands and crew, these protections may be life-and-death choices, while for younger technicians and performers, the risks can play out differently. Live sound engineer Mark Frink hosts a conversation with Sound Image's David Shadoan, Santana tour director Skip Rickert and FOH mix engineer guru Ken "Pooch" Van on the changes that will occur leading up to Live Sound 2.0. What will be the new normal in live sound protocols? There’s much to talk about and no better time to get these expert opinions.