Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan was still a student at the California Institute of Technology when he and a partner formed a company to produce an innovative digital synthesizer called the Con Brio. The software the instrument used was designed for the Commodore computer and was the foundation for the computer code Tim would later use for the highly successful Studio One and Studio Two programs. With a need for MIDI controllers, Tim changed the company name to Midiman, which was later renamed M-Audio. The company provided a string of creative products ranging from loudspeakers and monitors to microphones and keyboard controllers. Tim also created a distribution division of the company and carried such product lines as Groove Tubes, Propellerhead Software and ArKaos. The company is widely known throughout the music products industry as having launched the professions of dozens of employees who have gone on to successful careers, a fact Tim has always been proud of. Tim sold the company to Avid but remained involved for several years before his retirement.