Real Time Advocacy for Music Education in Unprecedented Times: The “Ask”

In this unprecedented time, NAMM members and community advocates will gather virtually to prepare to clearly state to our national, state and local elected and community leaders that music and arts education are essential for every student. This session will outline the “ask” to federal elected officials that delegates will advance via phone calls and emails (templates provided) in the weeks following the Summit. We will urge Congress to assure needed support for state education funding and appropriations for The ESSA Title IV, Part A Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant; we will share via survey information from across the U.S. how this funding to date has advanced music and arts learning for under-served communities and why music learning and making is essential for every child, especially during this time when concerns for social and emotional wellbeing of all children is of utmost importance.

Speakers: Mary Luehrsen, Chris Cushing, Connie Myers