Abigail Ybarra


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Pickup Winder
Company Name
Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

Abigail Ybarra was hired to work in the Fender factory back in 1956; just years after the famous electric guitar company released the Stratocaster. She conveyed in her interviews that the early years of the company were very exciting and that she and the rest of the factory workers were very proud of the popularity of the instruments that they were making. She also remarked that she did not know who Mr. Fender was for several months although she worked close to him in the factory. “He wore overalls and worked as hard as any of us. Later I learned he was the owner.” Abigail is known among devoted Fender customers as the premier pick up winder as she has wound pick-ups since 1957.  Abigail retired after 50 years with Fender in May 2013.