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Electro Voice

Al Kahn, the founder of Electro Voice and the inventor of several important microphone models told a great story on how his company got its name. Mr. Kahn was an industry pioneer and an early supporter of AMC and a NAMM member since the year after the company was formed in 1932! When Mr. Kahn was interviewed for the NAMM Oral History program he recalled his early love of electronics and the story of when football coach Knute Rockne named his company after Al had created a PA system to assist Rochne in coaching. In 1942 he released the first differential microphone and hired Al Wiggins who invented the Cardyne Cardioid Dynamic mic in 1946. The company has enjoyed great success as a leader in innovation for decades including the first Acoustalloy Non-Metallic Diaphragm and the company's greatest commercial success, the 664-model microphone, known as the Buchanan Hammer.