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A1 Audio

Al Siniscal received the Audio Innovator Parnelli Award in 2010 for his major contributions to professional audio innovations over his career, which began in the early 1960s. As founder of A1 Audio, Al has worked with some of the biggest names both in and out of show business including Frank Sinatra and The Pope! Al wrote a scientific paper on his work in tri-amplification, which became standard in audio engineering and led to a number of innovative products. When he formed A1 Audio in the early 1970s he created a self-powered loudspeaker system based on tri-amplification, which was used early on by singer/songwriter Paul Anka who loved the speakers and asked Al to build more. Al sold A1 Audio in the 1990s and formed a consulting company called A1 Entertainment, which remains busy in Las Vegas and around the world.