Amy Nelson


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Interview Date
Job Title
Store Manager
Company Name
Piano Trends Music Co.

Amy Nelson is the store manager for Piano Trends Music Company in Crystal Lake, Illinois. She began working in the store in the 1990s before having a wonderful opportunity to play trumpet in the orchestra pit for Broadway musicals as well as world tours. Among the musicals she played for are “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and Fiddler On the Roof.” While she continues to play live shows, including for the likes of Adele, Amy returned to Piano Trends in 2011 to manage the store and take part in their live-streaming program Lifting Spirits Through Music. Her journey in music began in the 4th grade when she began playing the trumpet and later the cornet. In recent years she had added the role of Musical Director to her resume as she runs the music for her church and the church choir.