Arthur Dark


Oral History Information

Arthur Dark grew up in a musical household thanks to his parents. Arthur dabbled with the violin when he was 4 years old, but was quickly drawn to the piano around age 5 or 6. After a time with formal lessons, he branched out on his own where he could explore his artistic freedom by composing his own music. A turning point in his journey was seeing the movie Beetlejuice, and realizing that the soundtrack was an original composition, in this case by Danny Elfman. Besides his classical background, which fostered his love of orchestral film music, Arthur cites his exposure to the punk rock scene of the 90s as an influence in his writing. Much of his education in music and composition was self-taught, until he was accepted into the USC film scoring program. It was there that he met another composer and future collaborator, Giuseppe Vasapolli. In the early years, Arthur experimented with Cakewalk, then transitioned to Pro Tools utilizing MIDI sequencing for his video work. He also worked with well-known film composer Randy Newman for several years. Of course, Arthur Dark is the creator and host of Hollywood Graveyard, a popular channel on YouTube where Arthur explores cemeteries for their famous residents, entertainers from the film and music industries and beyond.