Barry Rudolph


Oral History Information

Barry Rudolph was always interested in electronics and music. During high school he played drums in a surf band and worked full time in the aerospace industry while putting himself through college. After graduating in 1970 he happened upon a job at a recording studio in Santa Ana, CA. The job provided Barry the learning ground that would serve him when he was hired by Jackie Mills who had just purchased Larrabee Studios. Within two years Barry had engineered his first number one song (Al Wilson’s “Show and Tell”)! He also had a long and successful career as a writer, which began when he wrote a column for the magazine Music Connection. George Petersen soon hired him to provide his perspective on new gear for Mix Magazine beginning in 1997. Since then Barry has also posted a great many of his articles on his website along with a segment dedicated to the other equipment he had not written about in the magazine called Gear Lust.