Basilios Strmec


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Hailun USA (CEO), Northwest Pianos (Executive Director), Petrof USA (CEO)

Basilios Strmec grew up in Vienna and was exposed to piano music at an early age.  While learning many different languages, he studied business in college and went to work for Xerox.  After a few years, when a friend suggested to him to apply for an opening with a piano company, Basilios jumped at the change.  The company was Bosendorfer, which just happened to be the very brand of piano he played as a child.  While with the company, he worked on the technology that resulted in Zeus, a player piano product for the company.   He later worked with the American and Canadian markets, which resulted in meeting and becoming friends with several key people within the industry, an element of his career he has always been very proud of.  Basilios has also worked for Sauter and Hailun Piano and in fact was with Hailun when the Magic Lid was introduced.  These were important milestones both for his career and the growth of the industry.