Bill Brandom


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Yamaha Corporation of America

Bill Brandom enjoyed playing piano as a kid and was even voted “most musical” in high school.  He later was given a book on piano tuning, which changed his life because he realized it would be his passion.  He attended a piano tuning school and opened his own shop in Kansas City before being asked to join the Yamaha team in 1980.  His first role with the company was to manage the service department for the Everett Piano factory in Michigan, which was owned by Yamaha at the time.  He later moved to the Yamaha corporate headquarters in California and joined the Yamaha piano service department. Bill served as National Piano Service Manager for over 20 years. He played a vital role in the development and promotion of Disklavier products for Yamaha.  Bill was Disklavier Marketing Manager for several years and later became Senior Technical Manager before his retirement in 2010. Bill continues to work as a piano consultant for Yamaha.