Bob Carbone


Oral History Information

Bob Carbone is the co-founder of the Piano & Organ Center in Syracuse, New York. The store has a reputation for their quality products as well as creative lesson programs, which are offered to all of their customers. Bob entered the music industry with a letter he wrote while in the US Army to music retailer Bob Popyk, who not only hired the soon to be discharged soldier but met him at the airport upon his return to New York. The two worked together for 11 years before Bob Popyk sold his store to take his own musical career in a new direction. Bob Carbone and two other salesmen soon after started their own store with a focus on offering personalized lessons for each of their customers. Given Bob’s passion for playing organ (he started when he was just 13) and his love for teaching, the programs have been an incredible asset to the store, staff and their growing customer base.