Brenda Mortimer


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Former Production Supervisor
Company Name
Crown International

Brenda Mortimer worked for Crown International in Elkhart, Indiana for 36 wonderful years. Her mother and aunt both worked in the factory, so Brenda grew up understanding and appreciating the family centric culture in the company. She began in 1981 as a wire cutter but soon advanced, becoming a supervisor. Over the years, she worked hard to know her staff and to help whenever she could as she believed in Crown’s set of values. As a result, she was a much beloved member of the team. She was proud to have helped with such products as the MT1200 and the MT2400. When she retired, it was bittersweet as she remained in the factory until the very end of manufacturing for Crown in Elkhart, June 2017. However, it’s the memories and friendships that will last forever for Brenda.