Bret Rhoades


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
VP Corporate Operations
Company Name
J. W. Pepper Music Publishing

Bret Rhoades began his career in the music industry by working for Ken Stanton Music in Georgia.  Bret learned band instrument repairs while attending college, and after a short time as a teacher he landed a job with Ted Frank in New Orleans.  Ted Frank operated the sheet music department within the Werlein’s For Music store in New Orleans, which was a wonderful experience for Bret.  Mr. Frank was the first president of RPMDA and his connections within the industry were of future benefit for Bret.  When Bret began working for JW Pepper, thanks to his mentor Bob Otto, he opened a retail store in Minnesota for ten years before moving to Philadelphia to work in the headquarters as Vice President of Corporate Operations, a position that allows Bret to fulfill his passion for music and the industry.