Carlos Hidalgo


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Vice President
Company Name
Mundo Musical

Carlos Hidalgo was just thirteen when he learned the guitar and fifteen when he switched to drums. A year later he was working in a local music store, Allegro Musical. Carlos really enjoyed the music retail environment and began making notes of some of the services he would provide if he had his own store. In 2000, his father retired from the electronics field and was looking for a business to purchase. The two teamed up to buy Mundo Musical (which was opened in 1985) and make it their own. Carlos developed the store's social media outreach, which has been of great benefit as well as a renewed focus on the store's marketing. Carlos was proud to represent his country when he sat down for his NAMM Oral History interview in 2019, becoming the first person from Costa Rica in the collection!