Cornelia Kinzelmann


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Managing Director
Company Name
Ernst Schreiber Mouthpieces

Cornelia Kinzelmann is CEO of ESM which produces mouthpieces for clarinets and saxophones. Cornelia remembers her grandfather, Wenzel Schreiber, from the time when she was a child. Wenzel Schreiber and his sons, Ernst and Hugo, made the company W. Schreiber a great success. After the company was sold, Cornelia’s father, Ernst Schreiber, decided to move to Tyrol, Austria in 1977 and started his own company producing clarinets and piccolo flutes and later specialized in mouthpieces for clarinets. Following an apprenticeship at Buffet Crampon in France, Cornelia entered the family business. In 1988, Ernst decided to move the company back to Germany. In 1996, Cornelia took over ESM from her father and has grown the company’s reputation as producer of first class mouthpieces for clarinets and saxophones.