David Mash


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Retired Senior VP and Professor
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Berklee College of Music

David Mash studied guitar in much the same way his mother studied the piano. He was focused on the classical traditions and even took lessons from Andre Segovia. His mother was a student of a student of Chopin! His contributions to music education, which is vast in scope, began when David was 15 years old and began giving lessons to 30 students at a local music store. When he entered Berklee College of Music in 1973, he didn't leave until his retirement in 2017. Along the way he worked with several musical instrument companies (ARP, Yamaha, Roland, Fishman Transducers and Godin Guitars to name a few), built fields of study based on musical technology, and taught music to thousands of students! To say David taught music is like saying Segovia strummed the guitar.