David McLaren

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Interview Date
Job Title
President & CEO
Company Name
BBE Sound, Inc.

David McLaren worked closely with his father, John McLaren Sr., at BBE Sound in Southern California, which purchased G&L Guitars. David fell in love with the G&L story and products, and today serves as President & CEO. His main focus is to continue the legacy of the two founders, George Fullerton and Leo Fender. After Leo sold his first company, named after him, he teamed up with his old friend and guitar designer George Fullerton to create a new product line. Today, the team continues to produce innovative guitars and basses within the walls of the factory in Fullerton, California. David and his team have also preserved Leo’s lab just as it was in 1991 when the guitar innovator passed away. David is the first to admit that the company is still driven by the passion and innovations of Leo Fender, a tradition David is proud to continue.