David Rushworth


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Company Director
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Rushworth Music House

David Rushworth started in the family business, Rushworth's Music House, in 1966 when he was in his early twenties after leaving University. David quickly moved up through the ranks from junior salesman to manager, selling transistor radios and pianos. Eventually, he became director of the company when his father retired. David had the personal touch and was well-liked by his employees, some of whom he stayed in touch with long after the store closed. David also owns the rights to the iconic photo of John Lennon and George Harrison being presented with Gibson guitars in the Rushworth’s store. In 1962, James Rushworth presented John Lennon and George Harrison with their Gibson J-160E guitars especially imported from Chicago. After the store closed, David went on to become a representative of Intermusic, selling musical equipment all over the UK. Even in retirement, he continued to support schools and colleges by providing advice through his professional experience of selling to educational authorities and purchasing instruments throughout the UK.