Denny Mack


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Audio Engineer

Denny Mack was surrounded by music his entire life! His father was a Vaudeville performer and it seems all Denny ever wanted to do was be involved with music. He played drums at sock-hops when he was in school and continued to be in rock trios throughout college. Along the way he developed a keen interest in audio equipment and live sound production. While going out on the road as a drummer with a number of acts, he learned all he could from the audio engineers about the role of the Front of House and monitor engineers. In the mid-'80s Denny decided to stop touring, settle down with his family and focus on his passion as a monitor engineer. Among his highlights in Live Sound included tours with Mel Torme and Kenny Loggins, drumming for The World Classic Rockers, and working venues such as the Super Bowl and Hollywood Bowl! And nearly every NAMM show you could find Denny behind the Monitor desk at the Hilton lobby, mixing the music!