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DJ Modgirl (AKA Kellee McQuinn), whose exuberant style adds flair and vitality to any party is a bit of a celebrity in Palm Springs. With a weekly dance mix radio show on KGAY 106.5 and headlining at festivals and events throughout the Coachella Valley, she was voted Best DJ of the Desert. In February 2023, she spun many of the Wrecking Crew's greatest hits as Hal Blaine's star was revealed on a bright and sunny day. That afternoon, Modgirl sat with us to reveal her background and passion for music. Articulately discussing the importance of music education and the positive vibe of being in the NAMM community, DJ Modgirl's enthusiasm is both compelling and infectious. After our interview, and upon further research, we were amazed at the variety of different things she has done for education and the arts, including performing at the Obama White House, creating a hip-hop musical for NASA and producing music-based PBS shows for kids.