Don Glasgow


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Job Title
Director of Sales
Company Name
Grotrian Piano Company

Don Glasgow is the Director of Sales for North America for Grotrian Piano Company GmbH, joining the company in 2013.  Don’s role in the company followed a long career in the piano segment of the industry and adds to the rich history of the Grotrian history.  Friedrich Grotrian was born in 1803 in Schöningen, Germany, and as a young man lived in Moscow, where he ran a music business and was associated with piano manufacturing. Later in his life he teamed up with C.F. Theodor Steinweg, son of Heinrich Steinweg, to build pianos. Heinrich had emigrated to the U.S. about 1850, soon to establish the firm of Steinway & Sons. Grotrian is family-owned, sixth generation company with products Don is proud to be associated. Don also served as the president of the National Piano Travelers Association from 2007-2008, a position that helped maintain this special association during a difficult economic time.