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Lil House Songwriting Workshops

Donna Ulisse has fond memories of her grandmother teaching her to sing at a young age. And that is all Donna wanted to do! As her career developed, she was encouraged by many in the music industry that she came to know, in particular, Ray Edenton and Chip Young. Early in her career she also met David Briggs who not only mentored her but became a close personal friend. Donna became involved with Bluegrass music and soon gained a following, which led to her appearing at Bluegrass Festivals and events all around the country. She wrote and co-wrote several songs including “When I go all Bluegrass on You,” "I Am A Drifter" (co-written with Marc Rossi), "Wilma Walker" (co-written with Rick Stanley) and "All The Way To Bethlehem" (co-written with Kerry Chater and Lynn Gillespie Chater). Donna and her husband started a series of songwriting workshops out of their home to assist young songwriters. The Lil House Songwriting Workshops have led to a number of hit songs being written and the development of countless friendships, both being blessings for Donna.