Dwight Clements


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
General Manager
Company Name
Hall Piano Company

Dwight Clements was working at Sears while playing music at night and on the weekends.  While visiting a local store in New Orleans, Mitchell’s Music, Dwight asked the owner if there were any openings.  Bill Mitchell told Dwight he could start the next week.  It was a dream for Dwight who remained with the store for twenty years until Bill retired in 1996 and the store closed.  Dwight was later hired by Dan Hall, the founder of Hall Piano Company, where he shared his passion for music with customers and employees alike until his own retirement in 2012.  Even after that time, Dwight can be found at the piano store helping out whenever he can.  It’s a passion for music and bringing music into the lives of others that drives him!