Eberhard Rahm

Eberhard Rahm started out as a flute maker in 1976 and was in charge of the former Erlbach Flute company. 1991 Schreiber & Sons put him in charge of the  production, when they  opened a small workshop in Erlbach/East Germany  with 13 people, right after the reunification. Step by step the Nauheim production was moved to Erlbach. In 2003 he was finally able to move from the cramped Erlbach site into a new factory in Markneukirchen. In 2005/06 the remaining production of the woodwind  production was transferred from Nauheim near Frankfurt to Markneukirchen.  When Eberhard retired in 2007 from his position as plant manager, the company had nearly 300 people, and had just produced its 1.000.000 Boehm system clarinet,  and  introduced the York brass production.  As part of the interview, Eberhard provided a company tour of the factory he once helped to create and ran.

Interview Date:
March 18, 2008
Job Title:
Past Plant Manager
Schreiber & Keilwerth

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