Ed Tomlinson


Ed Tomlinson is the CEO of California Keyboards Music Center in Bakersfield and a well-regarded piano technician and trainer. After touring the world as part of a Contemporary Christian group playing trumpet, Ed landed a job in a piano store in Portland, Oregon. He began working at Cascade Piano on his birthday in 1986 and soon realized he had a real passion for selling pianos. He realized that knowing how to tune pianos would be extremely helpful. So he took on the task of becoming a registered piano technician and joined the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG). An opportunity arose to purchase his own store in Bakersfield, his hometown, so he jumped at the change. The store, California Keyboards Music Center, grew rapidly, and once again his skills as a technician served him and his store. He has since passed these skills and traits on to his son Daniel who is a piano technician and manages the music store.