Eddie Tuduri


Oral History Information

Birth Date
Job Title
Founder, Musician
Company Name
TRAP (The Rhythmic Arts Project)

Eddie Tuduri broke his neck while in the ocean off the California shore in 1997, and turned to music to serve him during the healing process. He developed a methodology and curriculum that has become The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP) and has gone on to help thousands of children and adults with intellectual and developmental differences. In his words, “I thank God every day for my broken neck. The Rhythmic Arts Project has given me purpose.  After all, there is no better life than a life of service" Prior to his accident, Eddie was a professional drummer and studio musician who performed with a host of artists including the Beach Boys, Rick Nelson and The Stone Canyon Band, Brenda Russell, Brian Auger, Jimmy Messina, JD Souther, and Michael and Amy McDonald, to name a handful. Having been an endorser of Pearl Drums since the 1980s, he developed a great relationship with the company, which has been a strong supporter of TRAP since the beginning, even building specially made drums and percussion easy for TRAP participants to play. Eddie is a lifelong musician who has dedicated his life to many causes and encouraged countlessothers to make music.