Felice Mancini


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Executive Director
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Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation

Felice Mancini grew up in a home full of music. Her father was an Oscar-winning composer and her mother is the noted vocalist who formed the Society of Singers. Felice has devoted herself to the non-profit world when she became involved with the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation in 1998, just two years after Michael Kamen formed the organization. Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation was established after the movie that tells the story of a high school music teacher. Kamen, who scored the movie, wanted to create a foundation that would provide instruments to students who wanted to play in the school band but could not afford it. Felice, who followed in Michael’s footsteps after he passed away in 2003, has continued to fulfill the dreams Mr. Kamen had for the foundation. In 2009, Felice won the Don Johnson Industry Service Award from the MMR magazine for excellence in music advocacy.