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Gary Hurst Electronics

Gary Stewart Hurst is known around the industry as “Gary the Fuzzman” for being the inventor of the Tone Bender fuzz pedal, which he began producing in the 1960s. Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page started using Gary’s Tone Benders in 1965 and soon demand for his fuzz pedals came in from around the world. Gary continued to expand on his fuzz boxes and progressed to the Professional MKII, the product that put his name on the map, as well as designing the Marshall Supafuzz. Some of the top musicians who played a Tone Bender were the Beatles, Pete Townshend (The Who), Spencer Davis Group, Yardbirds, Mick Gee (Tom Jones’ Group) and many other British guitarists of the day, and this soon put Gary’s name on the map and in the history books!