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Music Marketing

Herb Holt has thoroughly enjoyed his life in music, both as a musician and as a sales rep!  In 1968 he formed the Music Marketing Company to represent the Ovation Guitar line in Minnesota.  The company quickly expanded to cover a long list of products for retail stores Herb called on in and around Minnesota.  These product lines included Martin Guitars, Slingerland Drums, Young Chang Pianos and Paiste Cymbals.  Before, during and after his rep career, Herb played music.  As a pianist for a jazz group, he played at Carnegie Hall where the band garnered the Nat King Cole Trophy in the 1940s.  In 2017, Herb published The Costs of Total Commitment: The Genius, Total Focus and Intensity of the Creators of American Music, which is an inside look at some of music's best known composers and the challenges they faced.  In retirement, Herb focused on providing music to seniors and nursing homes as a way to provide the healing power of music to those in need.