Jacques Gaudet


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Former President
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Antoine Courtois

Jacques Gaudet was president of the famous French brass instruments production company, Antoine Courtois. Since 1789, the name Courtois has been synonymous with fine brass instruments. In 1917, Jacques' grandfather, Emanuel Gaudet, was a music publisher who acquired the company. When Jacques’ father took over, he moved part of the production facilities from their cramped quarters in Paris to Amboise. Then in 1990, Jacques became the company’s president. He modernized production and moved the remaining parts of the company to Amboise. Antoine Courtois was sold 1994 and today is a brand of Buffet Crampon. In 2008, Jacques retired, but continues to focus his energy on establishing the brass band movement in France. Now, after 25 years, there are more than 100 brass bands organized in the country.