JD Crowe

JD Crowe recalled seeing Earl Scruggs perform in Lexington with Lester Flatt when he was a kid.  The sound was so unique and different that all young JD could think about was getting a banjo!  He did and, well, the rest is history.  Jimmy Martin hired DJ when he was just 16 and they recorded and performed together for over four years before JD formed his own band, New South, which he led from 1971 until his passing. JD became a well-regarded and popular banjo player in the bluegrass style.  During his 60 year career, he recorded and performed among his heroes as well as a string of young performers who have called JD their musical mentor.

Interview Date:
June 26, 2016
Date of Birth:
August 27, 1937
Deceased Date:
December 24, 2021
Job Title:
Musician, Banjoist

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