Jeanne Stiernberg

Jeanne Stiernberg teams with her husband, John, to run the Stiernberg Consulting Firm.  Since the fourth grade, when she began piano lessons, Jeanne has always been active in music.  While at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, she conducted research within her field of study of speech and hearing.  One such study looked closely at the terms used within music, such as “bright” and “rich” and she formulated tones that seem to match these terms based on interviews with several musicians.  Her husband formed a consulting company in 1993 and soon after Jeanne found herself very interested in many of the projects he was involved with, especially those related to music.  Together they form a strong team that is dedicated to helping the music products industry.

Interview Date:
January 25, 2015
Job Title:
Principal Consultant
Stiernberg Consulting

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