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Goodman Music

Joe Goodman began playing gigs around the Los Angeles area since he was very young with his primary instruments being the piano and trumpet. With a Marching Band scholarship for college in Hawaii, Joe performed in hundreds of clubs and hotels throughout the islands and created a show band called Solid Gold. After college he returned to Los Angeles where he worked for a local piano dealer before establishing his own retail store, Goodman Music in 1977. The store expanded to 11 locations and became known for providing emerging technology such as the synthesizer and hard disc recorders. Goodman Music was the first dealer to offer the LinnDrum Machine as well as innovative products by Oberheim, Roland and Moog. Being in the Los Angeles area the store often sold instruments to such musical icons as Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson and film composer Hans Zimmer. While the stores closed in 1995, it's place in music history remains.